June 11th Events

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June 11th, 2008 (June 11 2008)EventCanadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made an official historic apology to Canada s First Nations in regard to a residential school abuse in which children were isolated from their homes, families and cultures for a century.
June 11th, 2004 (June 11 2004)EventCassini-Huygens makes its closest flyby of Phoebe.
June 11th, 2004 (June 11 2004)EventRonald Reagan s funeral is held at Washington National Cathedral.Ronald Reagan Quotes
June 11th, 2002 (June 11 2002)EventAntonio Meucci is acknowledged as the first inventor of the telephone by the United States Congress.
June 11th, 2001 (June 11 2001)EventTimothy McVeigh is executed for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing.
June 11th, 1998 (June 11 1998)EventCompaq Computer pays $9 billion for Digital Equipment Corporation in the largest high-tech acquisition.
June 11th, 1981 (June 11 1981)EventRichter Scale 6.9 magnitude Golbaf earthquake at Iran, killing at least 2,000.
June 11th, 1978 (June 11 1978)EventAltaf Hussain founds the students political movement All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organisation a.k.a (APMSO) in Karachi University.
June 11th, 1972 (June 11 1972)EventEltham Well Hall rail crash, caused by an intoxicated train driver, kills six people and injures 126.
June 11th, 1970 (June 11 1970)EventAfter being appointed on May 15, Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington officially receive their ranks as U.S. Army Generals, becoming the first females to do so.
June 11th, 1967 (June 11 1967)EventMexico becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
June 11th, 1964 (June 11 1964)EventWorld War II veteran Walter Seifert runs amok in an elementary school in Cologne, Germany, killing at least eight children and two teachers and seriously injuring several more with a home-made flamethrower and a lance.
June 11th, 1963 (June 11 1963)EventAmerican Civil Rights Movement: Alabama Governor George Wallace stands at the door of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama in an attempt to block two black students from attending that school.
June 11th, 1963 (June 11 1963)EventBuddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burns himself with gasoline in a busy Saigon intersection to protest the lack of religious freedom in South Vietnam.
June 11th, 1962 (June 11 1962)EventFrank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin become the only prisoners to successfully escape from the prison on Alcatraz Island.
June 11th, 1955 (June 11 1955)EventEighty-three are killed and at least 100 are injured after an Austin-Healey and a Mercedes-Benz collide at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
June 11th, 1942 (June 11 1942)EventWorld War II: The United States agrees to send Lend-Lease aid to the Soviet Union.
June 11th, 1940 (June 11 1940)EventWorld War II: British forces bomb Genoa and Turin in Italy.
June 11th, 1940 (June 11 1940)EventWorld War II: First attack of the Italian Air force on the island of Malta.
June 11th, 1938 (June 11 1938)EventSecond Sino-Japanese War: The Battle of Wuhan starts.
June 11th, 1938 (June 11 1938)EventSecond Sino-Japanese War: The Nationalist government creates the 1938 Yellow River flood to halt Japanese forces. 500,000 to 900,000 civilians are killed.
June 11th, 1937 (June 11 1937)EventGreat Purge: The Soviet Union executes eight army leaders under Joseph Stalin.Joseph Stalin Quotes
June 11th, 1936 (June 11 1936)EventInternational Surrealist Exhibition opens in London, England.
June 11th, 1935 (June 11 1935)EventInventor Edwin Armstrong gives the first public demonstration of FM broadcasting in the United States, at Alpine, New Jersey.
June 11th, 1919 (June 11 1919)EventSir Barton wins the Belmont Stakes, becoming the first horse to win the Triple Crown.
June 11th, 1917 (June 11 1917)EventKing Alexander assumes the throne of Greece after his father Constantine I abdicated under pressure by allied armies occupying Athens.
June 11th, 1907 (June 11 1907)EventGeorge Dennett, aided by Gilbert Jessop, dismisses Northamptonshire for 12 runs, the lowest total in first-class cricket.
June 11th, 1901 (June 11 1901)EventNew Zealand annexes the Cook Islands.
June 11th, 1898 (June 11 1898)EventSpanish-American War: U.S. war ships start to sail for Cuba.
June 11th, 1898 (June 11 1898)EventThe Hundred Days Reform is started by Guangxu Emperor in hope to change social, political and educational institutions in China, however suspended by Empress Dowager Cixi after 104 days. The failed reform though led to the abolishment of Imperial Examination in 1905.
June 11th, 1892 (June 11 1892)EventThe Limelight Department, one of the world s first film studios, is officially established in Melbourne, Australia.
June 11th, 1866 (June 11 1866)EventThe Allahabad High Court (then Agra High Court) is established in India.
June 11th, 1837 (June 11 1837)EventThe Broad Street Riot occurres in Boston, fueled by ethnic tensions between English-Americans and Irish-Americans.
June 11th, 1825 (June 11 1825)EventThe first cornerstone is laid for Fort Hamilton in New York City.
June 11th, 1805 (June 11 1805)EventA fire consumes large portions of Detroit in the Michigan Territory.
June 11th, 1788 (June 11 1788)EventRussian explorer Gerasim Izmailov reaches Alaska.
June 11th, 1776 (June 11 1776)EventThe Continental Congress appoints Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston to a committee to draft a declaration of independence.Thomas Jefferson Quotes
June 11th, 1594 (June 11 1594)EventPhilip II recognized the rights and privileges of the local nobles and chieftains in the Philippines, which paves way to the creation of the Principalia (i.e., elite ruling class of native nobility in Spanish Philippines).
June 11th, 1509 (June 11 1509)EventThe marriage of King Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon takes place. Henry VIII of England Quotes
June 11th, 1429 (June 11 1429)EventHundred Years War: The start of the Battle of Jargeau.
June 11th, 1184 (June 11 1184)EventTrojan War: Troy is sacked and burned, according to the calculations of Eratosthenes.
June 11th, 0758 (June 11 0758)EventAbbasid Arabs and Uyghur Turks arrive simultaneously at Chang an, the Tang Chinese capital, in order to offer tribute to the imperial court. The Arabs and Turks bicker and fight over diplomatic prominence at the gate, in order to present tribute before the other. A settlement is reached when both are allowed to enter at the same time, but through two different gates to the palace.
June 11th, 0631 (June 11 0631)EventEmperor Taizong of Tang, the Emperor of China, sends envoys to the Xueyantuo bearing gold and silk in order to persuade the release of enslaved Chinese prisoners who were captured during the transition from Sui to Tang from the northern frontier; this embassy succeeded in freeing 80,000 Chinese men and women who were then returned to China.

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